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The first day of the two days TCS Ninja National Qualifier Test is done. The anticipation created around this campus recruitment drive has been increased after the first day. After doing a detailed analysis later we came across these frequently asked questions regarding the exam. 

1. How many coding questions are there?

There is only one coding that requires the student to write a code. This question is in the last section of the exam and a time limit of 20 minutes is allotted to it.

2. How many times can we compile the code?

There is no limit for the number of times you can compile the code. But target at compiling the code in 7 to 8 times. Compiling the code more than 10 times is not advisable. 

3. Is the code given in the exam based on Command Line Argument?

No, as of now in all the slots the code is mixed series only. But questions based on Command Line Argument were given in MCQs.

4.What if the window closes while the code is being compiled?

Though the window closed while the code is still being compiled, if the code is correct then it will be considered.

5. Please explain the coding question that was given in the exam.

You can check the video below which explains the coding question from the exam.

<today's coding explanation video to be added> 

6. Were all the advanced technical questions fill up the blanks?

No. Only two questions from the advanced technical section are fill up the blank. The other question is an MCQ.

7. Is there negative marking?

Yes, there is negative marking in every section except the coding section in the ratio of 1/3. Fill up the blank questions are an exception from negative marking.

8.Is there any cut off?

It depends on the company's requirement of recruiting the candidates. There is no cut off as such, but the selection process will be done based on the compiled group performance and the top scorers are taken.

9.Will the scores be disclosed?

No from the past few years, TCS hasn't disclosed the scores of the candidates. Scores are just for the recruiters to know the performance of the candidates.

Note: Students asking about the Quantitative Aptitude exemption should consider that some colleges has been considered as premium by TCS. Only those students who scored above 75% from these colleges would be given that exemption. So, it is advisable that you prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude test too despite having 75%. 

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