Wipro Turbo Campus Recruitment Process - Interview Rounds


Wipro Turbo Recruitment Process:

Wipro has started it's on-campus drives. It is going to visit many engineering colleges starting this month under its three recruitment processes. One of them is Turbo'. Turbo is a recruitment drive for premium colleges. So, if you're an engineering graduate who's going to pass out of college in the year 2019, then this is the selection process that you have to go through to get into Wipro.

There are three stages of testing during the whole recruitment procedure.

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1.Written Test

The written test is the first stage of recruitment.Students would be tested on their skills over the subject and English abilities in this written test. This is an online test and has three sections in it. 

An online test is conducted for 110 minutes, where there will be three sections.

Fist section is Verbal, Quantitative and Logical Reasoning in which you have to answer 30 MCQs in the given 45 minutes of time.

The second section is the coding section. Two coding tasks are assigned to each student which should be completed in 45 minutes of time.

The third section is essay writing. Essay writing is to know the student's ability and proficiency in the English language. 20 minutes of time is given to the students to finish the essay. 

2.Technical Interview

The technical interview is the first face to face interaction a student will be having with the recruiters. The students who are qualified in the written test are selected for the technical interview. Questions related to the coding languages, and technical subjects are asked.

3.HR Interview

Next comes the HR round, where the student is tested on his/her attitude and communication skills. This round is crucial as how much ever capable the student can be in the subject, his communication skills and analytical knowledge is the last deciding factor in the HR round. To know more about this round and how to face it, check the blogs on Personal Interviews in Conduira Online.


1. What qualities does Wipro look for in a candidate?

Wipro always sways towards the brightest and smartest students across India. Good communication skills, strong work ethics, and adaptability skills are always important in whatever role you are interested in.

2. How will the test be conducted?

The test will be conducted completely online (internet based). Everything would be taken care of at the center where you are giving the test. Information in detail about the process would be sent to you through the e-mail. 

3. Does Wipro Technologies check references?

Yes. Wipro has the right to check references and educational qualifications extensively for any candidate at any point in the recruitment process.

4. What are the different technology streams available in Wipro for fresher's?

Based on business requirements, freshers who join Wipro will be trained on any of the technology streams that are in demand at that point in time. 

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To know more about Wipro Turbo eligibility and Test patterns check our blogs and videos on Conduira Online.

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