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Tips for preparing to the Technical Interview

The mere prospect of a Technical Interview can make the best of us a nervous wreck. The reason being a lot of us believing that technical interviews are the scary rounds in the recruitment, where questions on impossible brain teasers, supremely complicated technical problems and coding are to answered on a whim. But in reality, technical interviews are pretty straightforward. Technical interviews aren't there to throw impossible questions at you but to assess your technical knowledge and gauge the way you think. It is true that the stress level will be higher during this round in freshers, who are attending an interview for the first time. But with the right practice and preparation, your technical interview will be a breeze, no matter what your background is. 

  • These are common among employers recruiting for scientific, IT and engineering sectors. They are essentially to asses your knowledge on the technical aspects that are required for the specific role they are recruiting for.

  • Not all questions focus on your technical knowledge, some might be targetted at assessing your problem-solving skills and your ability in numerical reasoning. These type of questions might involve brain teasers and questions on numerical ability.

  • Also not all Technical Interviews happen face-to-face, some might be telephonic and some might be carried on Skype. So, be well aware of the dynamics of the telephonic and Skype interviews as well. 

  • It is advisable that you are aware of different trends and have an understanding of the different technologies present in the industry. They might also want to see how good are you at applying the knowledge you have in a practical working situation.

  • However, they will also want to know how you think, and most importantly how you communicate with the panel during the interview. They will look at how articulate and presentable you are and how good you explain and analyze your role in the present scenario of offering technical assistance to the company.

  • It is not about you giving the correct answer, but it's about how you reach the answer. This is about testing your reasoning and analytical skills, as well as whether you think laterally and creatively.

  • Another thing in the interview will be how well you handle the pressure, whether you will rise above the challenge or crumble under it.

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Kind of questions asked in a Technical Interview:

  • Most job descriptions will certify the set of essential technical skills, and they will want to see those skills work in reality rather than take your word for it. Hence, during the interview, you might be asked to complete a  task, such as writing a code.

  • Remember, during a Skype interview you will be provided with a white screen and are asked to share your screen with them while writing the code.

How to give the interview:

  • While you are giving the interview, be as fair as you can. While advertising your skills in other streams don't go overboard with them. Be honest about your knowledge.

  • Don't come across as too casual or too negative. This might develop an instant wrong impression in the interviewer's head.

  • Always try to answer the question even though how hard it seems and if you can't, say so to the interviewer. It is about communicating the right way than giving the right answer.

  • If you think you've made a mistake, mention it at the end of the interview. Also, tell them how you can answer the question better.

All in all, as long as you're confident, keep your cool and be well prepared, you can tackle those seemingly hard interview questions very easily.


  • When will the results be out?

The results will be out maybe after two to three weeks from the date the interview has been done. These are all general assumptions as TCS never disclosed the dates when the results will be out. 

  • Can we update the resume?

You can update your resume as the portal seems to be still open for changes. But chances are that the interviewers will still have an old version of your resume. 

  • What are the languages to be prepared?

Preparation on C language should be basic. But if you're want to add one more language Java is suggested. Please refrain from letting the interviewer know that you have knowledge on multiple languages. That can lead to the interviewer shooting questions at you that can be quite confusing.

  • Are CSC students more preferred?

No. Having a good knowledge of coding is what's essential and that sometimes can be an advantage to CSC students. But students who are good at the subject are solely preferred. There would be no difference in preferences according to the background. 

  • Will the questions be asked on our project?

There are chances that they would like to know in brief about your project. But remember that they will not ask you to write the code from your project. 

  • What could be the difficulty level of the coding question asked in the Technical Interview?

It will be the same as the level of the question given in the TCS Ninja written test. The difficulty level will be moderate and the path of how you write the code is given more attention than the end result that you obtain.

  • Give some tips for students belonging to other streams as well.

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To answer this question a detailed video is made from the live session taken by Adithya Lanka. 

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TCS Ninja FAQ's


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