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Tips to ace the HR interview 

TCS Ninja HR Interview - The final door for you to get into the world of TCS. Wondering what's the key to open it? Right amount of confidence mixed with implementation of certain strategies and proper preparation. As much as you prepare yourself for this round, there would still be something you can be unsure of. This is a great channel for you to build an impression that you're confident and the best choice for the organization. Stress on your strengths and talk about why should they hire you. However, there is a suitable etiquette that you're required to follow in order to create that impression. Consider these points below while you attend an HR interview to create a positive impact.

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How to answer TYSM (Tell Me Something about Yourself)

  • Firstly, don't wish them twice. You would obviously wish the panel while entering the room. It's unnecessary for you to do it again while you introduce yourself.
  • Also, remember that if the interviewer has wished you by your name, don't repeat it by starting your introduction with your name again. But if you wish to let them know your complete name, you can do so. Ensuring that you take care of these two points showcases that you are not merely parroting a memorized answer.
  • Don’t let your introduction be too short. Validate your points and elaborate on them. But remember, lengthy answers are also not the right way. So, follow the rule of 60-90 seconds.
  • Your answer to this question should help you project yourself in different dimensions. Be versatile and showcase them the different skills you possess. Highlight your achievements in streams other than your academics as well. Let them choose what they need from what you have got to offer.
  • Speak about your academic achievements because that is the primary criteria for why you are in the interview but elaborate on it only if you're good.
  • Give them a brief account of the extracurricular activities you've done at school and college. Make sure you give the right mix of everything. Ensure that you are mentioning those activities that are directly relevant to the job role you are interviewing for.
  • The interviewers are always keen on the issues that you're interested most in. Therefore, when you say you love something, chances are that they'll ask a few follow-up questions on the topic. In this case, you have a good chance of tempting the interviewers into asking favourable questions.
  • Include your social activities and hobbies as well. They carry equal importance as your extracurricular activities. Social activities show that you're responsible enough.
  • Hobbies speak a lot about a person. Do mention them but elaboration is not necessary. While speaking about your hobbies, make sure you include team hobbies. Because at the end of the day, recruiters are looking for a team player as you would obviously be working in teams.
  • Mention a little about your family and the influence it has on making you, you.
  • When asked about your strengths, don't go too overboard with them. Mention just two to three of your strengths. And do not mention any weakness unless you are asked to. Refrain from disguising your strengths as weaknesses. For example being a workaholic in this scenario is always a strength so don't portray it as a weakness. 

Watch this video to get a detailed answer for Tell me Something about Yourself.

Facing the Managerial Questions 

Apart from these basic questions, there will be some generic managerial questions that might throw the candidates in a tough situation. Always get out of these situations on a positive note. Remember interviews are about testing your personalities, and at the end, those who create a positive impact are most preferred. 

  • If you are asked a question where you have to choose between other competitor company and TCS or between TCS or pursuing higher education, simply praise TCS and make a believable choice in your answer. The answer shouldn't be targetting at solely impressing the employers, but it also should make a point about your honesty. 
  • If they ask you reasons for not hiring you, answer in a way that you cannot see the reason but do mention a weakness that might be the reason. 
  • The last question generally would be if not offered a job in TCS what would you do. Answer this question saying that you will look for another opportunity somewhere else. This is the most practical answer and is appreciated by the employers as well. 

At the end, appear confident and honest. Don't try to be someone you want to be, but be someone who you are. For a detailed explanation, watch this Live session by Sumanth Palepu, Chief Marketing Officer - Conduira Online for many more tips on performing in HR round. 

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