IBM Campus Recruitment Exam - Verbal Ability Questions


IBM Verbal Ability Placement Test Questions

Is IBM visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to prepare yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Verbal practice questions based on previous years’ IBM placement papers.

In IBM Verbal Ability Section, there are 15 questions. The important topics include Short Reading Comprehensions, Basic Grammar, active and passive voice, Synonyms & Antonyms, Paragraph Completion, Sentence Completion, and one-word substitution.

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IBM Verbal Questions and Answers

This blog covers Verbal questions related to Basic Grammar, spelling, Fill in the blanks, active passive voice, and Synonym– antonym questions which have appeared in some of the campus exams in previous years.

You can go through the following sample questions to make yourself ready for IBM Placement Test.

Directions for Questions 1 to 8: Choose the correct alternative

1. One word substitution:

Excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance.

A. Precipitous

B. Narcissism

C. Eloquence

D. Altruism 

Answer: B


Narcissism is excessive interest in oneself or viewing everything with one at the centre. Eloquence means being expressive or talkative. Altruism is unselfishly generous. Precipitous is rash and unthinking.

2. Choose the option which is synonymous with the meaning of the word: Amicable

A. Hostile

B. Cynical

C. Friendly

D. Hasty

Answer: C


characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.

Hostile is showing or feeling opposition or dislike; unfriendly. Cynical means believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest. Friendly is kind and pleasant or genial or amenable. Hasty is acting without careful thought. It is being rash or precipitous. So looking at the meanings of different words “Friendly” is the correct answer.

3. Choose the correct spelling:

A. Benevolent

B. Banevolent

C. Benovolent

D. Benevoilent

Answer: A


Benevolent is the correct spelling. Benevolence is the other form of the word.

4. Choose the option which best expresses the below-given sentence in Active/Passive voice

She was washing a shirt.

A. A shirt was being washed by her.

B. A shirt was washed by her.

C. A shirt would be washed by her.

D. A shirt were to be washed by her.

Answer: A


Past Continuous in Active voice changes to was being or were being in Passive voice.

5. Choose the option which best expresses the below-given sentence in Active/Passive voice

Twice a day, Chatur cleans the room.

A. Twice a day, the room is cleaned by Chatur

B. Twice a day, the room is being cleaned by Chatur

C. Twice a day, the room was cleaned by Chatur

D. None of the above

Answer: A


The given sentence is in active voice, we need to convert it into passive voice.

“Twice a day, Chatur cleans the room” is in Simple present. To convert it to passive voice, past participle form of the verb has to be used.The object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb.

6. Which of the given options can replace the phrase written in bold to make a grammatically correct sentence

He was so busy to talk to anyone in the class

A. too busy to talk

B. to busy to talk

C. busy to talk

D. No correction

Answer: A


Format of sentence will be Too+ adjective + to + verb

‘He was too busy to talk to anyone’ is the correct sentence, which means He was very busy with something that prevented him from talking in the class.

7. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the blanks:

Virat told his team that he has something _______ his sleeve.

A. up

B. on

C. by

D. to

Answer: A


To have something up your sleeve means to have some secret plan which can be used to surprise others.

8. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the blanks:

He has been teaching History _______ 1994.

A. for

B. from

C. since

D. before

Answer: C


Since is used to denote the time period and the time under consideration.

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