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Cognizant Verbal Ability Placement Test Questions

Is Cognizant visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to prepare yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Verbal practice questions based on previous years’ Cognizant placement papers.

Cognizant test pattern will be AMCAT based. The test will cover Logical Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Automata Fix. In the Verbal Ability Section, there will be 25 questions which have to be solved in 25 minutes. The important topics include Short Reading Comprehensions, Para-Jumbles, Synonyms & Antonyms, and Sentence Completion.

Cognizant Verbal Questions and Answers 

This blog covers Verbal questions related to Basic Grammar, Fill in the blanks and Synonym– antonym questions which have appeared in some of the campus exams in previous years.

You can go through the following sample questions to make yourself ready for Cognizant Placement Test.

Directions for Questions 1 to 7: Choose the correct alternative

1. Read the following sentence & find out if there is an error in it. Select the number of the part as the answer. Select option 5, if there is no error in the sentence

Delhi is the (1)/ more densely (2)/ populated city among (3)the metro cities in India (4)

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: B

Explanation: The right statement is Delhi is the most densely populated city among the metro cities in India. 'The' is used before the superlative form of an adjective. 

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2. Choose the option which is synonymous with the meaning of the word: Agony

A. Suffering

B. Pleased

C. Benediction

D. Curse

Answer: A

Explanation: Agony means extreme physical or mental suffering. Pleases is being content or satisfied. Benediction is a blessing and is the opposite of the word, curse. The answer is suffering.

3. Choose the option which is opposite to the meaning of the word: Behold

A. Appreciate

B. Catch

C. Misbelief

D. Miss

Answer: D

Explanation: Behold means to look or to see something. Meaning of Appreciates to understand the worth or importance of something; catch means to capture; misbelief means wrong or false belief or opinion. Miss means to fail to get hold of something. So looking at the meanings of different words, “Miss” has the opposite meaning.

4. The......generated from the 1k marathon will be an orphanage

A. price, donated

B. prize, given

C. Proceeds, donated

D. None

Answer: C,Proceeds, donated

Explanation: The meaning of Proceeds is, the money obtained from an event or activity. Marathon is an event here.

5: Mark the option which has an error in it. 

A. The number of people studying

B. in private colleges

C. are decreasing year

D. after year

Answer: C

Explanation:The number of people takes a singular verb and hence are decreasing is to be replaced with is decreasing. The corrected sentence is 'The number of people studying in private colleges is decreasing year after year.

6: Arrange the sentences in a logical form.

1. 1826 war changed the political geography of the country.

2. Despite the significance of the affair, there has been no serious writing about the discord.

3. Surrender at Korea aims to fill this gap.

4. It also deeply altered the Geo-political situation in North-East Asia.

A. 3142

B. 1324

C. 1423

D. 2143

Answer: C

Explanation: Among the given statements, 1 is the best one to start the paragraph. 1 mentions about a war. 4 continues the given idea. Note that in sentence 3, there is a phrase in italic to indicate that it is a book which connects with 'writing' in the statement 2. Hence, 1423 is the flow of the sentences.

7. Find the correctly spelt words.

A. Farfetched

B. Forfetched

C. Farfeched

D. Forefetched

Answer: A

8. Choose the best antonym for 'Exodus'

A. Influx

B. Homecoming

C. Return

D. Restoration

Answer: A

Explanation: 'Exodus' means to a mass departure of people. Hence, the antonym of 'exodus' is 'influx' which means an arrival or entry of a large number of people/things.

9. Identify the error in the following sentence.

The Principal of the college/ and the senior most chemistry faculty/ is on leave today.

A. The Principal of the college

B. and the senior chemistry faculty

C. is on leave today.

D. No error

Answer: C

Explanation: According to the agreement of the verb with the subject in a sentence, if the article is used only once as in ‘The principal of the college and senior most Chemistry faculty is present’, it refers to the same person.

If the article is used twice, it refers to different persons. The sentence given in the question should be corrected as ‘The Principal and the senior most chemistry faculty are on leave today'

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