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Mindtree Verbal Placement Test Questions

Mindtree Test pattern is an AMCAT based pattern, which has three sections namely Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. The verbal ability section has 25 questions for which the time allotted is 25 minutes.


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Mindtree Verbal Questions and Answers

This article covers some of the verbal ability question based on the previous year’s pattern related to word usage, finding grammatical errors, fill in the blanks, reading comprehension, antonyms and synonyms.

Directions for Question 1 to 8: Choose the correct options as per the questions

1. Choose the alternative which is approximately opposite in meaning to the highlighted word.

She must abstain from smoking too many cigarettes.

A. Fortify 

B. restrain 

C. Indulge

D. provoke

Answer: C

Explanation: Abstain means to not do something enjoyable that you think might be bad. Indulge is the only word which means to ‘allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of’,so the correct answer is Indulge.

2. One word substitution:

Something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence 

A. Spectre 

B. Absence

C. haunt

D. illusion

Answer:  A


Meaning of absence is the state of being away from a place or person, haunt means to cause repeated suffering or anxiety, illusion means an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience. All these words do not relate much with fear, so the correct answer is Spectre.

3. Change the voice of the following sentence

The crowd cheered the leader’s speech.

A. The leader’s speech is cheered by the crowd.

B. The leader’s speech was cheered by the crowd.

C. The speech of the leader was cheered by the crowd.

D. The speech of the leader has been cheered by the crowd.

Answer:  B

Explanation: The given sentence is in active voice and in simple past tense. To convert it to passive, past participle of the main verb has to be used.

4. Choose the option which has a correct spelling of a meaningful word


B. chouvinism

C. charvinism

D. chavinism

Answer: A

5. Choose the option which has a correct spelling of a meaningful word


B. condesending

C. condescending

D. condascending

Answer: C

6. Choose the correct article from the option to fill in the blank

He has an MBA degree from ______ University of Ontario.


B. An

C. The

Answer: C

Explanation: ‘The’ is used when the name of university begins with University.

7. Select the part of the sentence which contains error or choose option E if no error is present.

Either Shyam or Shivam(A) will always volunteer(B) their Valuable(C) time to serve our company(D)

A.  A

B.  B

C.  C

D.  D

E.  E

Answer: C

Explanation: Singular form of possessive pronoun will be used with either. His should be placed in of their.

8. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the blanks:

I would rather play football _________ workout in the stadium.

A. instead

B. than

C. besides

D. and

Answer: A

Explanation: Rather than pair is used to show a preference of different things. In the above-given sentence, football is preferable over workout.

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