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Mindtree Logical Reasoning Placement Test Questions

Mindtree Test pattern is AMCAT based. AMCAT based pattern has three sections Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability with 24 questions in logical reasoning section. Time allotted to logical reasoning section is 35 minutes. 

Mindtree Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

This article covers some of the logical reasoning question based on the previous year’s pattern related to coding deductive logic, blood relations, directional sense, objective reasoning, selection decision table, classification and number series pattern, logical word sequence and data sufficiency.

You can go through the following sample questions to make yourself ready for Mindtree Placement Test

Directions for Question 1 to 8: Choose the correct options as per the questions

1. In a certain language, MANGO is written as PXQDR and APPLE is written as DMSIH. How is PROTEIN written in this language?







M +3 = P, A -3 = X, N + 3 = Q, G – 3 = D and so on

The pattern is +3, -3, +3 and so on.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option B

2. Pointing to a woman, a man said, "she is the daughter of my wife's daughter". How is the man related to this woman?

a) Brother

b) Uncle

c) Father

d) Grandfather


Man -> Wife -> Daughter -> Daughter

Therefore, the correct answer is Option D

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3. Arun is facing towards the North and turns through 45° clockwise, again 180° clockwise and then turns through 270° anti-clockwise. 

In which direction is he facing now?

a) South

b) East

c) North - West

d) South West


In starting Arun is facing towards the north. After turning 45 degrees clockwise, he is facing North – East. Now, turning 180 degrees clockwise, he is facing South –West. Again turning by 270 degrees anti-clockwise, he is facing North – West

Therefore, the correct answer is Option C

4. Arun’s and Varun’s savings per month are in the proportion of 2:5 respectively.

What is Varun's savings?

I.Arun saves 30% of his salary.

II. Salary of Arun is Rs. 15000

a) 11250

b) 11000

c) 4500

d) 10500


The ratio of Savings of Arun and Varun = 2:5

Salary of Arun = 15000, Savings = .3 x 15000 = 4500

Let suppose total savings of Arun and Varun = X. Therefore, 2X/7 = 4500 => X= 15750

So, savings of Varun = X – 4500 = 15750 – 4500 = 11250

Correct answer is Option A

5. In what proportion would 3 sons Amar, AKbar and Anthony divide the money given by their dad for the party?

I. Amar takes two – firth of the total money

II. Akbar takes one – third of the remaining money

a) Only statement I is sufficient to get the answer

b) Only statement II is sufficient to get the answer

c) if both the statements taken alone can give the answer

d) If answer cannot be found out even after using both the statements

e) Both the statements are required to get the answer


From only statement I, the share of amar can be found out only, and from only statement II, we cannot get any information. So, to get the answer, we need both the statements together.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option E

6. Arrange the following given words to make a meaningful sequence

1. Lecture

2. Earn

3. College

4. Job

5. Examination

a) 51324

b) 13524

c) 31524

d) 31542


Correct sequence is College -> Lecture -> Examination -> Job -> Earn

Therefore, the correct answer is Option D

7. Find out the number to replace the question mark 2, 12, 120, 1680, 30240, ?. 

a) 112256

b) 665280

c) 365220

d) 100000


1st term = 2 x 1 = 2

2nd term = (First term x 2) x 3, 3rd term = (Second term x 2) x 5

Concept here is that, double the last term and multiply it with next odd number

Therefore, Last term is (30240 x 2) x 11 = 665280

The correct answer is Option B

8. Teachers declare the strike at the time of paper evaluation only and it has become a major issue for government and school authorities. Read the below two statements given and mark the correct option

I. Teachers think that it is the best opportunity to get their demands fulfil as paper evaluation is a major process of examination

II. School authorities should take strict action against teachers as they are playing with future of students

a) if only conclusion I follows

b) if only conclusion II follows

c) if both conclusions I and II follow

d) if none of the conclusions follows


I. Since teachers are doing strikes only during paper evaluation, so yes, they are taking it as a good opportunity. Therefore, Conclusion I follows

II. It is a solution rather than a conclusion. Statement II does not follow.

The correct answer is Option A

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