SBI PO Prelims 2018 Reasoning Ability Model Question Paper


SBI PO Prelims 2018 Practice Papers for Logical Reasoning

The SBI PO 2018 Exam conducted by the State Bank of India(SBI) has been a gateway to a bright career in the Banking Industry for thousands of students and working professionals across the nation. This exam is to recruit Probationary Officers across various branches of State Bank of India. The SBI PO Preliminary examination for this year is scheduled to be held on1st, 7th & 8th July 2018 and the mains exam is to be held on 4th August 2018.

A detailed preparation for the three sections, viz., Verbal AbilityQuantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability will help you to crack the SBI PO Prelims and will render you eligible for the mains. Not just preparation but monitoring your preparation is an important step towards cracking the bank PO exams. Take as many mock tests as you can and find your strong and weak sections and tailor your routine accordingly. Without further ado let's analyze the Reasoning Section for the prelims followed by the sample papers.

Important Chapters for Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims Exam:

Reasoning section has seen an increase in the number of questions in the recent years which makes it a crucial section for optimum scoring. Let us classify the topics using a similar approach:

Easy - Series, Analogies, Odd Pair, Directions, Numbers & Rankings, Dictionary Test

Moderate - Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Seating Arrangements, Data Sufficiency, Computer Knowledge

Difficult - Coding-Decoding, Input-Output machine, Complex puzzles

Though the topics are few, reasoning ability is a vast section with various modules in each section. Practice as many sections as you can, take sectional tests frequently and keep giving full-length tests to analyze your performance. 

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Sample Test Questions on Reasoning Ability

1. Complete the analogous pair: 

Earth : Geography : : Humans : ?

A. Histology

B. zoology

C. Chemistry

D. Anatomy

Answer: D


Study of Earth is Geography. Hence, the best option among the given ones is Anatomy which is the study of human body.

2, 2, 5, 26, 677, ?

A. 458330

B. 465340

C. 475620

D. 423180

Answer: A


Each term in the series is obtained by adding 1 to the square of the preceding term.

So, missing term = (677)2 + 1 = 458330.

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3. Find  The Odd One Out: 

   (16, 24), (25, 36), (49, 64), (36, 49)

A. 16,24

B. 25, 36

C. 9, 64

D. 36, 49

Answer:  A


16, 24 is the odd one out. In all other pairs, the two given numbers are squares of consecutive natural numbers.

4. A man is facing north. He turns 45 degrees in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degrees in the same direction and then 45 degrees in the anticlockwise direction. Find which direction he is facing now?





Answer: B

Direction Sense Test Reasoning 2 1786


Please refer to the explanation image.

The man firstly faces the direction of OA. On moving 45 degrees clockwise, he faces the direction OB.

Now again he moved 180 degrees clockwise, now he will be facing OC. From here he moved 45 degrees anticlockwise, Finally, he is facing OD, which is the South direction.

5. In a row of trees, one tree is 7th from one end of a row and 89th from the other end. How many trees are there in the row?

A. 77

B. 96

C. 95

D. 94

Answer: C


There are 6 trees before and 88 trees after this particular tree in the row. Hence, total number of the trees = 7+88 = 95

6. Statements: All the harmoniums are instruments. All the instruments are flutes.


All the flutes are instruments.

All the harmoniums are flutes.

A.Only (1) conclusion follows

B.Only (2) conclusion follows

C.Either (1) or (2) follows

D.Neither (1) nor (2) follows

E.Both (1) and (2) follow

Answer: B


4 33 1 2

7. Introducing a girl, a boy said, "She is the daughter of the only daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?

A. Sister

B. Cousin

C. A or B

D. None of the above

Answer: C


Boys' uncle could be his maternal uncle or paternal uncle.

Father of the boy's uncle is his grandfather.

The boy's grandfather's daughter could be his mother or aunt.

Daughter of the boy's mother or aunt could be his sister/ cousin.

Hence, option C is the right answer.

8. The standard protocol of the Internet is:





Answer: D


Historically, IP was the connectionless datagram service in the original Transmission Control Program introduced by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in 1974; the other being the connection-oriented Transmission Control Protocol(TCP). The Internet protocol suite is therefore often referred to as TCP/IP.

9. In a certain code 'ONLINE' is written as 'OLNNIE'. How is 'CODING' written in that code?





Answer: A


First and last letters remain the same. The others interchange their positions in pairs of two. So, OD becomes DO, NI becomes IN so the code of CODING will be CDONIG

10. Puzzle:

A and B were teaching Hindi and English.

C and D were teaching English and Geography.

D and A were teaching Mathematics and Hindi

E and B were teaching History and French.

a. Which subjects were taught by more than three teachers?

A. History

B. Hindi

C. Geography

D. More than one of above

Answer: D


Above information can be analysed as below:

  English Hindi Mathematics Geography History French
A X X X      
B X X   X X X
C X     X    
D X X X X    
E         X X

Hence, subjects taught by more than three teachers is more than one of the mentioned options.

b. Which of the following pair was teaching both French and Hindi?

A. A and D

B. B and C

C. C and A

D. none of these

Answer: D


Above information can be analysed as below:

  English Hindi Mathematics Geography History French
A X X X      
B X X   X X X
C X     X    
D X X X X    
E         X X

Hence, there is only one person 'B' who teaches both French and Hindi.

c. B, C and A were teaching which of the following subjects?

A. English only

B. Hindi and English

C. Hindi only

D. English and Geography

Answer: A


Above information can be analysed as below:

  English Hindi Mathematics Geography History French
A X X X      
B X X   X X X
C X     X    
D X X X X    
E         X X

Hence, B, C, and A were teaching English.

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