Logical Reasoning Topic Blood Relations- Shortcuts and Questions


Logical Reasoning Questions for Freshers based on Blood Relations 

What is the Campus Recruitment Process? 

Generally, a Campus Placement Process has four components:

* Pre Placement Talk 

* Aptitude test 

* Group Discussion 

* Interview which can be various combinations of Technical and HR rounds 

Aptitude Test for Placements: 

The Aptitude test consists of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. The primary objective of this test is to check the problem-solving skills of the test-taker. Any job out there is the problem-solving skills. It is essential to understand what the problem is and how the problem should be solved. So, the application of the learning is the Aptitude test

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Tips and Tricks to solve the Coding, series & odd man out Questions for Campus Recruitment Test

  • If you want to stand out & beat the competition in your Campus Placements, the first step is to ace the Written Aptitude Test. Reasoning  Aptitude contributes a lot to increase your scores. No aptitude test is complete without questions based on coding, series & odd man out 

  • Methods of learning in one chapter can be used in other chapters

  • Whether the Question is simple or difficult you can know the options.

  • Focus on all areas in reasoning will help you crack Reasoning section

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The Following questions are based on Blood Relations:

Pointing Based Questions:

1. Pointing to a man in the photograph, a woman said, His brother's fathers is the only son of my grandfather. Who is the woman related to the man in the photograph?




d)can't be determined

Answer : d)

Explanation: Women's grandfather has an only one son.

But there is the chance that he can have daughters.

Woman's mother is the mother in law for the man in the photograph.

So, the woman related to the man is the cousin.

The answer is not determined.

2. Pointing to a photograph, A says to B, the girl in the photo is the second daughter of his wife of the only son of the grandmother of my young sister. How is the girl related to A?




d)Both 1&3

Answer : d)

Explanation: A had a grandmother, that grandmother son is the father of the girl in the photo cousin.

If A is the paternal grandmother then she is a sister of A.

Family tree based questions

3. Six members of a family M, N, O, P, Q, R are traveling together. N is the son of O, but O is not the mother of N.M and O are a married couple. Q is the brother of O.P is the daughter of M and R is the brother of N. Who is the mother of N?





Answer: d)

Explanation: Q is the brother of O is the husband of M

P is the daughter of M.R is the daughter of N. Then M is the mother of N.

Questions related question no.3

How is P related to Q?





Answer: a)

Explanation: P is the daughter of M,Q is the brother of the M husband i.e. O.P is the niece to  Q.

Who is Q related to R?

a)paternal father

b)maternal father



Answer: a)

Explanation: Q is the paternal father to the R because Q is the brother of the O.

Data Sufficiency

4. A and B is the children of D. Who is the A's father

C is the brother of A and is the son of D.

F is the B's mother

a)Only 1

b)Only 2

c)Both 1and 2

d)either 1 or 2

Answer: b)

Explanation : D is the father of A and B.

F and D are a married couple.

5. A is the father of C, but C is not a son of A . F is A's wife while E is C's daughter. B is the brother of C.D is the son of B and G.H is G's father

• Who is the grandmother of D?





Answer: a)

Explanation :  D is the son of B and G. B is mother is A.

Then A is the grand mother of D.

6. How is K related to Z?

Z and P are the only sisters of D.

D's mother is the wife of K's father?



c)Both 1&2

d)Either 1 or 2

Answer: C

Explanation :  Z and P are  only sisters of D.K is the brother of D.

All these Z, P, D, K are siblings.

Both 1 and 2.

7. which of the following means B is the maternal uncle of A?

a)B + D x A / C

b)A * C / B x D

c)A - C x D * B

d)None of these

Answer: d)

Explanation :      

  • A*B means A is the sister of B.

  • A+B means A is the brother of B.

  • A/B means A is daughter of B.

  • A-B means A is the son of B.

  • A=B means A is the father of B.

  • AX B means A is the husband of B.

Verify the options for example option A.

case 1:

B is the brother of D.D is the husband of A.A is the daughter of C. Here B is the paternal father of A.

case 2: A is father of B.

case 3: A is nephew of B.

None of these.

8. A family consists of 8 members A,B,C,D,E,F,G AND H who teach different subjects from among math, physics, chemistry, history, geography ,biology, Economics and accounts in same order.

  • C teaches chemistry, and is the wife of B, is physics teacher

  • H is the mother in law of the E, a geography teacher.

  • C and F are daughters of G, an economic teachers with only two kids. He is also the husband of H and A's grand mother.

  • A teaches math he is the only child of the physics teacher.

  • F's husband teaches the geography while her mother teaches accounts .She has a one daughter who teaches history.

  • How is history teacher related to chemistry teacher?




d)can't be determined

Answer: d)

Explanation:    G  =        H

                         ǀ         ǀ

                     E = F     C= B

                         ǀ         ǀ

                         D        A

E =geography teacher

A=math teacher   



D= history    




Actually D should be  the niece of C.

But we don't know the gender of the A. so, we can't determined.

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