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Co-Cubes Logical Reasoning Question & Answers 2018

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Co-Cubes Analytical Reasoning Test Syllabus (60 Minutes)

Visual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details, Flowcharts, Data sufficiency, Coding-decoding, Series, Odd one out, Analogies.

Practice Questions for Cocubes Analytical Reasoning: 

1. Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Ajay said, "Her mother's brother is the only son of my mother's father." How is the girl's mother related to Ajay?

A. Mother

B. Sister

C. Aunt

D. Grandmother

Ans:  C


Only son of Ajay's mother's father -- Ajay's maternal uncle.

So, the girl's maternal uncle is Ajay's maternal uncle. 

Thus, the girl's mother is Ajay's aunt.

2. Cup is to coffee as the bowl is to:

A. dish

B. spoon

C. soup

D. food

Ans: C

Explanation: Coffee goes into a cup and soup goes into a bowl. Choices a and b are incorrect because they are other utensils. The answer is not choice d because the word food is too general.

3. Look at this series: 3,8,18,38, ... What number should come next?





Ans:  C

Explanation: 3





4. XADG, YBEH, ZCFI,...... What is the next in this series?





Ans: D


Each letter in a given term (each term contains 4 letters) are in alphabetical order in their corresponding place. For instance, the first letters - X, Y, Z, A. Similarly, second place letters - A, B, C, D etc.

5.Statements:  Kabaddi team 'A' is selected for the final round.


I. Kabaddi team 'A' will win the final round

II. Kabaddi team 'A' will not win the final round

A. The only conclusion I follows

B. The only conclusion II follows

C. Either I or II follows

D. Neither I nor II follows

E. Both I and II follow

Ans:  C


 As Kabaddi team 'A' is selected for the final round, it will either win or not win.

6. Study the flowchart shown below to answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following value will be printed if the value of N=3?

Fdd1a38b F738 4be6 Ac31 Bd6408d5f2c8





Ans: A




M=1 and N=3 so the condition is False

M=M+1 so M = 2



M=2 and N=3 so condition is False

M=M+1 so M = 3



M=3 and N=3 so condition is False

prints output as F=3

7. Choose the alternative which closely resembles the mirror image of the given combination.


A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Ans: B

8. Select a suitable figure from the four alternatives that would complete the figure matrix.


A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Ans: B


In each row, the second figure is obtained from the first figure by adding two mutually perpendicular line segments at the center and the third figure is obtained from the first figure by adding four circles outside the main figure.

9.  Find the odd set - (16,9),(36,49),(25,32),(64,81)

A.  (16,9)

B.  (36,49)

C.  (25,32)

D.  (64,81)

Ans:  C


(25,32). In all others, the two given numbers are squares of consecutive natural numbers.

10. In a certain code, MEDICINE is written as EOJDJEFM. How is COMPUTER written in the same code?





Ans: A


The letter of the word is written in a reverse order and each letter, except the first and the last one, is moved one step forward, to obtain the code.

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