HCL Recruitment - Verbal Ability Questions


HCL Recruitment Verbal Ability Placement Test Questions

Is HCL visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to prepare yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Verbal practice questions based on previous years’ HCL placement papers.

HCL Verbal Ability Section consists of 15 questions. The questions are based on Grammar, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spellings, Sentence Correction, fill in the blanks and reading comprehension.

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HCL Placement - Verbal Questions and Answers

This blog covers Verbal questions related to grammar, Synonyms and Antonyms, Sentence Correction, Prepositions, spelling and Speech questions which have appeared in some of the campus exams in previous years.

You can go through the following sample questions to make yourself ready for HCL Placement Test.

Directions for Questions 1 to 8: Choose the correct alternative

1. Choose the correctly spelt word

A. Employd 

B. Ambeguity

C. Concleve

D. Ominous 

Answer: D

2. Choose the correctly spelt word

A. Flebbergasted 

B. Flabbergasted

C. Flabbargasted

D. Flabbergested

Answer: B

3. Choose the option which is synonymous with the word: Astound

A. Calm 

B. Clean

C. Obscure

D. Amaze

Answer: D

Explanation: Meaning of Astound is: shock or great surprise, calm means not showing or feeling nervousness, clean means free from dirt, obscure means not known to many. Hence the answer option D, i.e. amaze is the correct choice.

4. Choose the option which is Antonym with the word: Virtuous

A. Honest 

B. Unethical

C. Scrupulous

D. Imperative

Answer: B

Explanation: Being Virtuous is having or showing high moral standards, honest means truthful and sincere, unethical means something not morally correct. Scrupulous means being very attentive to details and imperative means of vital importance. All options but B have a positive meaning to it. Hence the answer option B is the correct antonym option.

5. Choose the correct preposition from the option to fill in the blank

My fingers were injured so my mother had to write the assignment _______ me. 

A. of

B. for

C. to

D. with

Answer: B

Explanation: for is used to show who is intended to have something.

6. Choose the correct conjunction from the option to fill in the blank

Neither my sister ____________ my brother own a bicycle.

A. Nor

B. Or

C. And

D. Either

Answer: A

Explanation: Neither and nor are used as conjunction pair to connect two negative sentences.

7. Change the speech of the following sentence

The employee said, “I have been working very hard since last night.”

A. The employee said that he has been working very hard since last night.

B. The employee said that he have been working very hard since the previous night.

C. The employee said that I have been working very hard since yesterday night.

D. The employee said that he had been working very hard since the previous night.

Answer: D

Explanation: The given sentence is in direct speech, last night will be replaced by previous night in reported speech.

8. Choose the correct phrase which should replace the phrase written in bold in the below-given sentence

The boy to who I sold my bicycle was a cheat. 

A. to who I sell

B. to whom I sell

C. to whom I sold

D. to which I sold

Answer: C

Explanation: The boy to whom I sold the bicycle was a cheat is the correct form of the sentence object of the verb is referenced.

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