Dell Recruitment Exam - Quantitative Aptitude Questions


Dell Recruitment Exam - Aptitude Practice Questions

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.Here is a set of sample questions based on previous year placement papers that will help you in your preparation for the exam.

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Dell Aptitude Questions

Question 1:

Given set of numbers: -7, -8, -9,0,7,8,9

What is the probability of the absolute value of the chosen number being less than 8?

(a) 4/7

(b) 3/7

(c) 3/5

(d) 1/7

Answer: (b)

Sample space = {-7, -8, -9, 0, 7, 8, 9}

Favourable outcome = {0,7,-7}

Required probability = 3/7

Question 2: 

If the radius of a sphere is doubled, what is the change in its volume?

(a) Becomes 8 times

(b) Becomes 2 times

(c) Becomes ½ times

(d) Becomes 4 times

Answer: (a) 

Volume of sphere, V = (4/3) x π x r3

New volume = (4/3) x π x (2r)3

= (4/3) x π x 8r3


Question 3:

In a box of two dozen apples, what can be the ratio of rotten and unrotten apples?

(a) 5:3

(b) 4:1

(c) 5:4

(d) 3:7

Answers: (a)

2 dozen apples=24 apples

Sum of the component in the ratio of rotten and unrotten apples has to be a factor of 24.

Option (a) satisfies the condition.

Question 4:

The total time taken by a train to cross a 250m platform at a speed of 36 km/hr is 35s. Find the length of the train?

(a) 150m

(b) 120m

(c) 110m

(d) 100m

Answers: (d)

Speed = 36 x 5/18 = 10 m/s

Distance travelled in 35s = 350m

Length of train is 350m-250m = 100m

Question 5:

The profit gained on selling 5 articles is equal to the selling price of 2 articles. Find the profit percentage.

(a) 20%

(b) 33.33%

(c) 60%

(d) 66.66%

Answers: (d) 

SP of 5 articles=5x


P=SP-CP so, CP=5x-2x = 3x

P% = (2x/3x)*100 = 66.66%

Question 6:

There are three wheels that complete 24, 60 and 36 revolutions respectively in one minute. There is a blue dot on the circumference of each wheel, touching the ground simultaneously at time zero. After how much time would this happen again?

(a) 50 s

(b) 5 s

(c) 10 s

(d) 6 s

Answer: (b)

Time taken by first wheel to complete one revolution = 60/24 = 5/2 sec

Time taken by second wheel to complete one revolution = 60/60 1 sec

Time taken by third wheel to complete one revolution = 60/36 = 5/3 sec

The dot will touch the ground simultaneously after LCM(5/2, 1, 5/3) time has passed.

LCM(5/2, 1, 5/3) = LCM(1,5,5)/HCF(1,3,2) = 5 

Question 7:

A is thrice the age of B and C is half the age of A. The sum of their ages is 55 years.

(a) 10 years

(b) 15 years

(c) 30 years

(d) 20 years

Answer: (c)

Let the age of B be x.

Age of A = 3x

Age of C=1.5x

Total = 3x + 1.5x + x = 5.5x = 55


Age of A=30 years

Question 8: 

The price of a chocolate increases by 10 % in the first year and then again by 10& in the second year. At the end of two years, the price is Rs. 121. Find the original price of the chocolate.

(a) 100

(b) 80

(c) 101

(d) 91

Answer: (a)

Let the original price of the chocolate be x.

Percentage change in price = 10+10+(10x10)/100 = 21%

So, 1.21x = 121

x = Rs. 100

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