Placement Time – and falling Economy....


As long as we are standing outside the swimming pool, we can stare at it. We can debate on how cold the water is, or how deep the pool is. We can wonder if we can swim across, or survive at all.

However once we leap into it – we know swimming or not – we have only one thing to do – beat all our limbs with a hope we can make it out.

Life is like that – indecision before starting is obvious, especially when we have not done something before. We can take our time to take decision.

However, once we have taken the decision – we fight! We do not question our state then. We may have doubts, but we still have to fight. For if we do not – we sink.

For all students who are fighting for jobs this summer – the water is cold, and the pool just got deeper. The latest news from market is that it is down and the job prospects have become dimmer.


For you are already in the pool and this is not the time to rest your limbs.

Beat them hard and hope, you would reach the edge. And in that process – who knows – you may end up learning the art of swimming and surviving.

Rock on!


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