5 Tips to Open a Talk

Be it an interview, a group discussion, or a general talk, these are some of the best ways to open your talk. 

 “The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public”. --Roscoe Drummond 


Just before your speech, you go to a washroom, adjust your hair(if you have), fasten your trouser belt, roll up your shirt sleeves, feel your heart palpitation, regret that you forgot your perfume bottle. While you do them, you rehearsal your speech looking at the mirror; though you are a little distracted by your own looks. As you walk now towards the auditorium, you take a deep breath, stop, and keep saying to yourself, confidently, with a trembling tone, “this is gonna be my best speech.”  

Right in front of you from where you are standing on a dais, holding a mike in your hand, there are hundreds of students, business prospects, or audience; most of them are busy thinking, talking, observing, dozing, ogling, and texting. And you go BLANK. 

There lies the biggest challenge  in wrestling (you – the speaker) to bring their thousands of completely irreverent thoughts to one common thought or an idea to ignite the talk, speech, seminar, or lecture.


No wonder the fist fifteen minutes of your talk is called “make it or break it”.  Those fifteen minutes bring all your audience to one common chair. It makes them wear one common thinking hat. It makes their thoughts travel form their various positions to one train of thought-- your thought. It makes them all see what you saw, it makes them all hear what you heard. It makes them feel what you felt. It makes them believe what you believed.  It makes them all peep at a time into the world from your binoculars of life and make them think nothing but your thoughts.  It steals their attention and make them travel in your train of thought till the destination.

So, what are some of the most important mantras that a speaker can use to win their attention in the first fifteen minutes which ensure that his rest of the speech is clearly understood and paid attention to. 

1) CAJ- Crack A Joke. A joke that builds rapport. A joke that ignites your topic for the day. A joke that breaks the ice and bridges the gap between you and them. A joke that bursts them into laughter. Like any other skill, cracking a joke is also a skill which can be learned. Try learning it.  

2) TAA- Tell them An Anecdote. People love your personal life experiences. They, for sure, steals their attention. Practice a few in front of your friends before you actually use this. 

3) STWS- Shock Them With unusual Statistics or a Statement. One in every three woman is suffering form bone density problem. One in every six men is a gay.  Left handed have lesser life span than right

handed. Come up with some statistics that makes them pop out form their hibernation. 

4) TAS- Tell them A Story. Who doesn't love stories? A story is the best weapon to control the thoughts of a group of people sitting in front of a speaker. 

5) AAQ- Ask A Question. A question that teases them. A question with an eye-opening answer. Or it can be a simple question too. For example: How many of you want to get a handsome salary? How many of you want to give the best possible life to your parents?

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  • posted by Sandeep Reddy Komatireddy Thursday, 09 March 2017 16:59

    Hi Vinod,
    First try to stand on the stage and speak. Basic step is to look into the eyes of the audience. You will pick up on other elements as you progress.
    Abdullah sir made some videos on public speaking, which can be accessed from learning center for licensed students.
    These videos give tips and tricks on Public Speaking.

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  • posted by vinod Tuesday, 10 January 2017 10:00

    your sujestions are good and how can i improve

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  • posted by vinod Tuesday, 10 January 2017 09:58

    how can i avoid my fear while speaking in front of others

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