How to crack the IBPS PO Mains Verbal Section


IBPS PO Mains Verbal Section

The majority of the students face problems in the Verbal Section. These tips can help you crack the Verbal Section in the IBPS PO Mains. 


First, there is never an IBPS PO main's Verbal Section without questions based on Reading Comprehension. There can be two passages consisting of 20 questions which weigh 20 marks. Thus, someone very good in Reading Comprehension, can clear the cut off by solving these questions. The topics on which the passages are based on are mostly from socio-economics, environment, poverty and banking.

 The tips to solve Reading Comprehension include:

Never try to trace the right answer, rather focus on understanding how wrong choices appear in their language and tone. Then become good at eliminating them.  

The correct choices are not easy to spot, however the wrong choices are almost easy to identify through practice. 


Now, the next most important component – Common Errors in Grammar, are also very commonly given in the IBPS PO main's Verbal Section. 5 or sometimes 10 questions of these appear in the test. They can come in different formats like 'improve the sentence', 'fill in the blank with grammatically correct phrase', or 'identify the errors in the following sentences'. 

The tips to solve Common Errors in Grammar include: 

Work on the following topics as they can help you in answering the questions right. 

1) Subject-Verb agreement

2) Noun-Pronoun agreement

3) Tenses and their combinations

4) Redundancy

5) Usage of Articles

7) Negative inversion sentences

8)  If conditions

9) Usage of Adverbs and Adjectives

8) Usage of Conjunctions

9) Usage of Active and Passive voice

10) Parallelism


Jumbled Sentence are commonly seen in IBPS PO Verbal Section. You get five questions weighing 5 marks.  A paragraph with six sentences will be jumbled. These six sentences will be marked as A, B, C, D, E, and F. Your job is to identify the logically correct order of these six sentences and arrange them in a logical sequence to create a coherent idea.

The tips to handle Jumbled Sentences include:

Understand the basic rules of writing a paragraph. That will help you understand the flow of ideas in a writing, through which you can organize all the jumbled sentences. 


Here, one needs to fill in the blanks in a passage from where certain words have been removed at certain places. This is a test of ability to comprehend the text in the passage as the words filled right can lead to a linear, logical flow of the sentences in the passage. These questions carry 5 to 10 marks. 

The tips to handle Cloze Test include:

Don't get stuck if you can't answer the first blank first. Read the whole passage to understand the context. 

Learn the art of elimination of words that are out of the context.


You might get 5 questions from fillers which carry 5 marks. Fillers are the sentences that have blank spaces which have to be filled with appropriate words, phrases, idioms, etc.. 

PS: The highest cut off in the history of IBPS Main's in verbal is 9 for OBC and 12 for OC. Try your best not to attempt any question if you are not sure of the answer as you will be penalized for the wrong answers.  

S.No Topic Expected Number of Questions Level
1. Reading Comprehension 20 Easy/Moderate
2. Jumbled Sentences 5 Easy/ Moderate
3. Errors based on Grammar 5 Easy/Moderate
4. Cloze 5 Easy/Moderate
5. Fillers 5 Easy/Moderate 
  Total 40 Easy/Moderate

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