I cannot run


To all my CAT 2016 Students, who are, one month close to the test – wondering, should they carry on, or focus on CAT 2017! A short story from my side…

“I am not strong. My legs are weak. 

I guess I am not to be blamed – I got these weak legs when I was born.

I wanted to forget, but I was reminded time and again – my legs are weak.

When I was in school, my friends told me that I could not run.

My teachers, encouraged me to rest – told me that my legs are weak.

Later, my parents too, who tried their best to make my legs strong, kept reminding me – I should take life slow – for my legs are weak.

There were times, my mind, and my body – would remind me – my legs are weak.

There were times, when my mind and body would break and keep telling me to rest – for my legs are weak.

There were also times, when I nearly convinced myself – I needed to rest – for my legs are weak.

But, somehow, I just tried.

When tired, and mentally weak, I told myself – my legs are not “that” weak.

Yes, there were times, I just wanted to give up. But I kept saying – I would run one day – so what, if my legs are weak.

I tried running one day – I failed. My body again reminded me – my legs are weak.

My mind then, and even my body – told me – my legs are weak. I heard, but did not listen.

I tried.

Today, I finally admit – All others were finally right – I cannot run. 

Maybe they did win.

But I won too.

I cannot run – but I notice, I can comfortably – walk. 

And when I look around, I notice, not many are running anyway 

– just, mostly walking.

And I too can walk.”

CAT 2016 Students: This is NOT the time to give up. IIM A... It might not be... It might still be. Something is better than nothing at all.

Life is about maximizing. So, continue fighting and get what best you can. The next move – can be thought of better, then. 

If we cannot run – we walk!


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