2017 - A Challenging Year – Are jobs available?


Campus Placements 2017 - A Challenging Year – Are jobs available?

The year 2014 was a good year. The number of offers made in various campuses across India by leading companies were high, and quite a few engineering students, graduated with good offers in hand. The year 2015 however disappointed the then graduating class. With the economy at its bottom, the job evaporated and quite a few students had to settled just for a degree, and/or some small job. Thankfully, the year 2016 saw some form of resurgence. The final year students did manage to get decent offers.

So how is year 2017 expected to be? What does the future hold for the engineering students, currently in the final year?

I do not think one needs to be a saint, oracle, or a seer to know that 2017 is not going to be a great year. If you have been reading the newspaper and following the developments across India and the world, you would know, things have become grave.  

President Trump’s America has become inward looking. With many students aspiring to go for the Masters in US, delaying their plans and looking for placements instead, the competition has just gone up. Ditto for those who were planning of going to UK and Australia – for both these countries too have tightened their visa regulations.

With WIPRO having fired 600 engineers in the last one week, and Infosys having declared its intention to establish a 10000 seat IT center in the US and recruit locally, and Cognizance (CTS) too set to follow, the demand for fresh engineers in the Indian soil has come down. Further, let us not forget, the Indian economy in general is not in great shape. With most of South India under drought, everyone is looking at the sky and beseeching Lord Indira to be more magnanimous this monsoons. Any failure in monsoon would cripple Indian economy, further hurting the chances for revival of economy, and thus the creation of job opportunities.

So in nut shell – Year 2017 is not expected to be good.

However, the question that you, an aspirant of job, in the year 2017, should answer is – would you like to give all these as the reasons for you failing to get a good offer, or would the knowledge of all these – propel you to get up, prepare and fight harder for the limited job would nevertheless would be available?

When things get tough, tough get going. Never forget this dictum. You have a responsibility not just for yourself, but also your parents and others who have made sacrifices for you. Getting an on-campus job is easier than an off campus. So do not give up. Fight.

In the series of blog articles, we would be focusing on various aspects of recruitment and helping you overcome the greatest challenge of your life so far. Let’s rock!

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