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Mastery over English vocabulary? Hmm, sounds exciting indeed! The question is how???

Undoubtedly there is no single easy method for doing it and one needs to develop his/her own strategy for learning words in any language. But there are a few tried and tested methods that can be useful to beginners.

To start with try using English words in your day to day conversations to the maximum extent possible. This means using English to talk about food, clothing, entertainment, office work and even ordinary daily chores. This helps you to learn simple and yet important words and often encourages you to look up words in the dictionary. This method has endless possibilities as it can be used throughout the day. So in short, simply merge English into your daily life! Let English become your main medium, while chatting with your family members, peer group or your workplace colleagues.

Initially you may feel a bit scared and even embarrassed at the mistakes you are likely to make. Gradually as you get habituated to speaking in that language, it also boosts up your confidence in using it. So, all you need to do is to find the right group of people with whom you can chat away......and suddenly you realize that you are actually conversing with ease in English!!

Let me answer one more question many ask: Can we memorize words from a dictionary? Yes, you certainly can!

But does that mean your vocabulary skills have suddenly expanded? No!! Unless you know the correct usage of words, you do not know the words. If you wish to actually learn a new word, you have to see it in a sentence, use it in your day to day conversations, or observe others using it in a specific way.

Listening to people who speak that particular language with ease also helps one to learn words.  Hence you need real life interactions with people who speak English fluently and easily. In other words, every English-speaking person that you come across can be a potential tutor and help you learn new words in English.

And finally, just read, read and read books and magazines and even newspapers in English. The more you read, the more you learn. As you read your mind absorbs new words without realizing it!  Reading helps you to understand the contextual usage of words, like no other activity!

So, try these simple methods and observe the difference in your vocabulary skills.

I have seen this happen to many, and I am confident, you are the next.

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