Accenture Fresher-Campus Recruitment Process


Accenture Recruitment Process for Freshers

With the competition during Campus Placements growing every year, you need to be better prepared to get selected by a company. First of all things, you need to know about the companies visiting your Campus – especially their recruitment process. In this blog, we will discuss one of the campus recruitment processes followed by Accenture. 


Sherlock: John. Accenture is one of the world’s biggest IT companies which deals in worldwide IT services, management consulting and business outsourcing. Have you heard about it?

Watson: Yes. What about it?

Sherlock: They are visiting 221B Baker street this week. They are here to recruit people.

They have a recruitment process which consists of two rounds

a)   Written round

b)   Personal interview.

Watson: But Holmes! A man of your intellect will undoubtedly clear all the rounds.

You have graduated with 90 % when Accenture looks for people with 60 or more percentage.

Also, you did not have an education gap of more than two years.

Though you wish I would refrain from unhelpful comments, I would like to know what is it that is bothering you?


The Accenture written round has two patterns.

Pattern A consists of three sections

a)Quantitative Ability

b)Verbal Ability

c)Logical Reasoning

The Quantitative ability section has 24 questions whereas the Verbal ability and Logical reasoning sections have 25 questions each. The total time given is 95 minutes. 

Verbal Ability contains questions on vocabulary and grammar- synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, sentence completion etc. Major emphasis is made on the Verbal ability round. 

Logical Reasoning questions include questions on arrangement puzzles, reading data from bar graphs, pie charts etc

Quantitative Ability consists of questions on time, speed distance, geometry, profit and loss, percentages, geometry and number systems.

There is one more pattern which consists of Analytical Aptitude, Verbal Ability and attention to detail with 20, 20 and 15 questions in each section respectively. Total time given is 60 minutes.

Analytical aptitude and verbal ability sections are similar to the previous pattern.

Attention to detail section evaluates your patience and focus. I, being Holmes, having written the science of deduction and observation, I can handle this with ease.

I am pretty sure even Anderson will be able to clear all the above said rounds.

Watson: Then, Holmes, What’s the matter?

Sherlock: Personal interview!!

I have never been good with strangers. I am expected to talk about my past. I get very uncomfortable and I call it an unpleasant business.


Holmes! Divorce yourself from your feelings.

Look at this objectively. You can expect questions on C, C++, and Operating Systems. Along with these, prepare on two subjects from your branch. You can talk about hobbies, internship experiences, summer projects, awards and achievements Along with these, you can talk about your violin and extracurricular activities like adventures in crime investigation.

Sherlock: Now, I know what to do.

I will go through Mr Mohamed Abdullah’s GDPI videos on Conduira online and I will click on this link to take a sample test.

Thank you, John.

We have not a moment to spare. Let’s re-familiarize ourselves with everything using resources from Conduira Online.


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