Cognizant Recruitment Process - Exam Topics


Cognizant Recruitment Process - Exam Pattern

It is time for the placements season… To get your dream job, you should know everything about the companies visiting your Campus –especially their recruitment process. In this blog, we will discuss Cognizant (CTS) Campus Recruitment Process basing on the past selection process. 

Cognizant Placement Process has the following rounds in the selection process:

There are three/four rounds:

  • Group Discussion (Optional)
  • Online Aptitude exam
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round


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Along with these three, sometimes a group discussion round is added depending on the number of students.

Cognizant Recruitment - Group Discussion:

The number of participants in a group will range between 15 and 25. The members of a group are given a topic that needs to be discussed among the group. For example, the topic might be "Facebook should be banned in schools." You are expected to present your views, supported by valid examples and reasons. Sometimes, the group discussion panel/moderators specifically ask a particular person to present his/her views in between the discussion. So be ready with your points on the given topic. Of course, there are many Do's and Don'ts for GDs, which are explained very elaborately in the videos available on Learning Center in Conduira Online. This is an elimination round.

Cognizant Aptitude Test:

There are two patterns observed here.

Cognizant Campus Recruitment Pattern 1:

Pattern 1 consists of three sections Quantitative Ability, Reasoning Ability and Verbal Ability with 25 questions in each. Time allotted for Reasoning and Verbal Ability is 20 minutes each and 30 minutes for the Quantitative ability.

Cognizant Campus Recruitment Pattern 2 :

Pattern 2 consists of two sections analytical ability and verbal ability. Analytical ability has 30 questions with a breakup of 16 questions in quant and 14 questions in reasoning. 30 minutes is given for analytical section and 20 minutes for verbal section.

The important topics in the Analytical Ability section include Percentages, Profit and Loss, LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, Mixtures, Ages, Permutations and Combinations, Venn diagrams, Cubes and Dices, Data sufficiency etc.

The important topics in the Verbal Ability Section include Reading Comprehension, Correction of errors in the Sentence, Synonyms and Antonyms.

There is no negative marking and this is an elimination round.

Cognizant Technical Round:

In  the technical round, some of the subjects that you will be tested include C, JAVA and DBMS. Along with them, prepare on two more subjects from your branch/specialization in the graduation. In most of the technical interviews, the interview panel will ask for your favorite subject – in case of which, you can speak about the subjects that you have prepared for. You will be getting questions from the summer project and the final year project as well. 

Cognizant HR Round:

In the HR round, the interview panel questions you everything and anything related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, work experience (if relevant), general knowledge, etc. While we would be sharing various Interview questions based on students' experiences in the Forums of Conduira Online, we suggest you to go through GDPI videos in the Learning Center of Conduira Online to understand and to learn the right answers for these questions



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