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Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process for Freshers

The companies change their Campus recruitment pattern every year, hence to get your dream job, you should know everything about the companies visiting your Campus, especially about their Campus recruitment process. In this blog, we will discuss the Campus recruitment process of Tech Mahindra basing on the latest Tech Mahindra selection process.

Tech Mahindra Ltd provides information Technology, networking technology solutions and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to the telecommunications industry.

The present CEO and managing director of Tech Mahindra is C. P Gurnani.

Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process:

In this process, there are 4 rounds.

Online Aptitude round

Essay Writing Round

Technical Round

HR Round

Tech Mahindra Online Aptitude Round:

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According to the Campus recruitment pattern 2016-2017, there are 7 sections with a total of 75 questions and the duration of the test is 50 minutes.

This round consists of 7 sections English Language General 1, English Language General 2, English Language Comprehension, Quantitative Ability / Arithmetic Ability, Verbal Reasoning General, Verbal Reasoning paragraph and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The number of questions in the English Language General 1 is 10. The important topics include Synonyms, Antonyms, Vocabulary based etc.

The number of questions in the English Language General 2 is 20 questions. The important topics include Basics of English grammar like Articles, Prepositions, Direct/Indirect speech etc. Most of the questions will be Fill In The Blanks based on Basic English grammar. 

The number of questions in the English Language Comprehension is 5 questions that are based on a passage.

The number of questions in the Quantitative ability is 11. The important topics include Averages, Ages, Profits and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance.

The number of questions in the Verbal Reasoning General Section is 21 questions. The important topics include Para jumbles, Para completion, Paragraph summery and Analogies.

The Verbal Reasoning paragraph Section has a passage given along with 3 questions.

The important topics in Non-verbal Reasoning Section include Coding/Decoding, Series, Analogies and Embedded figures. This section has 5 questions.

There is no negative marking in this round. You can move from one section to another while answering.There is sectional cutoff. This is an elimination round.

Tech Mahindra Essay writing round:

In the Essay writing round, one picture will be shown on the screen. You need to write an essay in 200 words. This essay should be completed in 15 minutes. This is also an elimination round. 

Example Picture: An old man crossing a road on zebra lines. 

One can write on how public infrastructure has become friendly for every traveler on the road. Or, you can write about how the life expectancy has increased in the modern world and how that might stress the GDP through social security net.

For writing an essay, some of the useful points can be found below.  

Text is prose:

Spelling and Punctuation should be taken care of while writing the essay. The fundamental question should be: What am I attempting to express? And the answer is the text. Being lucid and absolute are the hallmarks of a good text. Short sentences indicate tension. Longer sentences, on the other hand, indicate a frantic need to finish off the writing!

Words are NECESSARY:

Expand vocabulary to make writing more spot-on. This is to not to say that one “flaunts” vocabulary, but having more “tools” will allow one to select the most appropriate “tool” for the job. So pick one new word each day, and then use it many times in the conversations with others that day. You can use vocab prep in Conduira Online to improve vocabulary.  

Avoid nonsense:

No nonsense. Don't force a reader to spend 20 minutes when the idea can be conveyed in 5 minutes. 

More editing. Write once and edit umpteen times. Each time look for compactness in the text. If one is in doubt, remove certain parts of the text to check if the moot of the issue suffers. If that is not, then just remove.

Creation of Interest:

 Every sentence must serve a purpose: The first sentence must make the reader want to read the second. The second sentence must propel the reader to the third. If a sentence doesn’t move the narrative forward— then it is the end of the writing.

Avoid too many adverbs:

A sure sign of amateur writing is the overuse of adverbs, especially -ly adverbs. A woman in a story isn’t incredibly pretty—she’s beautiful; the sky isn’t very blue—it’s azure. Find the right words to avoid using adverbs."

Write daily during the placement season. If one wants to improve writing, write every day—make it a daily habit so that by the time you sit for placements, you are accustomed to it. 

Tech Mahindra Technical Round:

In the technical round, some of the subjects you will be tested include C, C++, JAVA, and SQL. Along with them, prepare on two more subjects from your branch. In most of the technical interviews, the interview panel will ask your favorite subject – in the case of which you can speak out the subjects you have prepared. You will be getting questions from the summer project as well as final year project as well. 

Tech Mahindra HR Round:

In the HR round, the interview panel questions you everything and anything related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, work experience (if relevant), general knowledge, etc. While we would be sharing various Interview questions based on students' experiences in the Forums of Conduira Online, we suggest you go through GDPI videos in the Learning Center of Conduira Online to understand and to learn the right answers to these questions.


If you are attending campus placements this year, here is the video you cannot miss. We have discussed about Tech Mahindra Placement Process and tips to crack Tech Mahindra Interview. 

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