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Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers

To get your Dream Campus Placement, you should know everything about the companies visiting your Campus – especially their Campus recruitment process. In this blog, we shall discuss the Campus recruitment process in the case of Capgemini, basing on the past Capgemini selection procedures.




Capgemini recruitment process has these rounds

  1. Online aptitude Test & Essay Writing
  2. Pseudo Code Test
  3. Technical Interview round
  4. HR Interview Round
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Round 1: Online aptitude test:

There are two sections Aptitude and Verbal Ability with 16 questions in each section. Time allotted is 50 minutes. The aptitude test does not have negative marking.

Aptitude Section:

Online Aptitude Test consists of 32 MCQs (16 Quant + 16 Reasoning) equally split between Quant and Logical Reasoning. Time allotted is 50 minutes. There are no sectional time limits but you should ensure that you are clearing the sectional cutoffs. There is no negative marking scheme.

Below are the Quantitative Topics covered –

  1. Time, Speed & Distance
  2. Percentages
  3. Profit & Loss
  4. Time & Work
  5. Ratios & Averages
  6. Age based problems
  7. Mixtures & Alligations
  8. Trains & Relative Speeds
  9. Area & Perimeter
  10. Numbers

Logical Reasoning Section covers questions on Blood Relations, Data Sufficiency, Graph based Data Interpretation Questions (Pie charts, Bar charts, Line Graphs etc.,) and other DI concepts.

Essay Writing

You will be asked to write an essay on one topic

20 minutes is the time given for this round. The topics are generally technology based and should ideally contain 300-400 words. Sentences should be grammatically correct and using simple words is advisable.

Here are two sample topics for essay writing – a) Social Media has made us less social.

b) The Winner stands alone.

Round 2: Technical/ Pseudo Code Round:

Round 2 is a technical test pattern with 20 multiple choice questions out of which 7-8 questions are mostly based on C Programming. Time allotted is 20 minutes.

Pseudo Code is nothing but writing programming code in simple English. Pseudo Code uses short English sentences to write code for programs before you write the actual program in a specific language. In Round 2, MCQs based on Pseudo code have been asked in the following formats – 

  1. Given a pseudo code, you need to check for errors
  2. Completing the pseudo code to get the desired output.

Sometimes, you will be required to write the logic of a program to get the desired output mentioned in the question. You can choose any language like C, C++, Java, Python etc.,

Round 3: Technical Interview:

In the technical Interview round of Cap Gemini, you will be asked basic questions from C, C++,Pseudo Code and DBMS. Along with these, be prepared to answer questions on two more core subjects from your branch/ specialization. In most of the interviews, you will be asked about your favorite subject – in case of this, you can speak about the subjects that you have prepared for.

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Round 4: HR Interview:

In the HR interview, the panel questions you everything/anything related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, work experience (if relevant), general knowledge, etc.

We strongly suggest you to go through the GDPI videos in the Learning Center of Conduira Online that will help you to understand and to learn the right answers to these questions.


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