SBI PO Mains 2017 Section Wise Analysis


SBI PO Mains Analysis 2017

Dreaded expressions all over. Whoever came out of the examination centre had only two words to say. “Data Interpretation “and “Difficulty! “. Was the paper actually so tough? If yes, what were the areas where things went rough? Let’s do a complete section-wise anatomy of the SBI PO Mains 2017 paper

SBI PO Mains Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation:

The first question that came to everyone’s mind after going through this section was “Which questions are from DI and which ones are from Quant? “

  • A bunch of Quant questions were given in the form of tables and multiple parameters i.e., a Data Interpretation type question.
  • If you observe closely, the questions weren’t out of bounds either. All that they needed was a deeper understanding of concepts like Upstream-Downstream, Profit & Loss, Time Speed Distance and Work.
  • Caselet based DI questions were seen which was a repeat of SBI PO Mains 2016.
  • Anyone attempting 12-15 questions with 80% accuracy will be in safe waters.

Expected Cut-off: 8-10 Marks

Difficulty Level: Moderate – High

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SBI PO Mains Reasoning:

This was another section with a few, well disguised surprises. We got to see a new type of question in puzzles.

  • There were 4 sets in total. 3 sets with 5 Questions each and 1 set with 3 Questions.
  • A relatively new type of puzzle i.e., Input/Output puzzle was given which was similar to B-Tree concept in Computer Science. You can check it out in this video :- 
  • The fun didn’t end here. There were 4 Questions on Data Sufficiency.
  • In the 2016 SBI PO Mains paper, puzzle based questions carried 2 marks each. But this year, each puzzle based question puzzled us by carrying 1 mark each.
  • There were 2 questions on Blood Relations.
  • The non-puzzle questions were again relatively on the easier side.

SBI PO Mains English Usage:

If you are a personal comfortable with RC and strong with your grammar fundamentals, this section was almost a cakewalk.

  • Only hiccup was the closeness of given options in most of the questions.
  • Grammar Questions were based on Subject Verb Agreement and Parallelism. In addition, we also had questions on Para Jumbles and Double Fillers (Two blank FIBs) - no surprises here.
  • The ideal number of questions attempted in this section must be close to 25.

Expected Cut-off: 10-12 Marks

Difficulty Level: Moderate

SBI PO Mains General Awareness:

All those who prepared for this section were the ones smiling after seeing the questions. One of the easier GA sections seen in recent times, this section gave aspirants a breather after the initial setbacks provided by QA-DI.

  • Most of the questions were based on Union Budget. Those who attended our session on Banking Awareness last week will know that many questions came out of that session.
  • Ideal attempts for this section will be 30 questions.

Expected Cut-off: 14-18 Marks

Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate

On the whole, the paper slightly surpassed our expectations in terms of difficulty - on account of the unpredictability rather than the sheer difficulty of the questions. But, the one whose fundamentals are strong, this was just another day for him/her. Let’s not be disheartened as we have our next target not too far away. IBPS PO 2017. This is the sole purpose of this Anatomy of SBI PO Mains 2017 paper. Recent trends have shown us that if something new happens in SBI PO paper, then that is carried forward to IBPS PO paper.

SBI PO Mains Overall and Sectional Cut-offs:

Section Expected Cut-off ( in marks) A good score Ideal No.of attempts (no. of questions)
 QA-DI  8-10  15+  14-18
 Reasoning  10-12  18-20  20+
 English  11-13  18-20  25
 GA  14-16  22+  30
 Overall  66-68  80+  90

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