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Cracking the Job Interviews – The Last Mile

Every candidate faces at least a couple of these questions either directly or in a round-about way. We have covered two such questions in this column last week.

Preparing for SBI Jr Associates Exam 2018

Today, let us look at some of the changes in the selection process and the examination format as well as the strategies to get started with our preparation for the SBI Junior Associates recruitment process.

Making the most of mock exams

Many candidates spend too much time in one section and too little time in another section. As a result, they might attempt difficult questions in one area while missing out on easy questions in another area. Understand the trends across your mock exams to decide how much time to allot for each section

Tips for Cracking IBPS Clerks - Mains Exam

The mains exam will be for 160 minutes to complete the paper comprising of 190 questions over 5 sections. All the questions will be of multiple choice type. Wrong answers carry a penalty of ¼ of the marks allotted for the question

Want to get hired? – five things to do

The world around us is changing - and that too at a tremendous pace - old jobs are dying and new needs being created. Thankfully, today’s world is not just for the intelligent. It is also for those who are hardworking. Intelligence may be, is not in our control and defined by the DNA. But, we can choose to be hardworking

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