Etymology- Decoded!

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Students who aspire to crack competitive exams, such as CAT, GRE, CRT…, often believe that one of the most daunting tasks is learning vocabulary. But what makes this task intimidating?…

Know Your English

When a minister, addressing a gathering at an Indo-Pak Friendly Meet, said “Indians and Pakistanis should COPULATE with each other”, half those assembled thought, he got it wrong – probably…

Is US the land of one's Dreams?

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I had a student come to me today – he said – he wants to go to the US; he hates India. He then said– US is the land of…

Is AWA score in GRE Important?

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I recently had a student of mine getting 323 in GRE. He was quite happy when he came to meet me, till I saw and showed him the AWA score…

What would be the total expense for applying and doing MS in the U.S.?

You would be incurring two types of expense – one is for applying (that is from the day you take the decision to go, to the time you land up…

How to Select the Right University?

To select the right university, one should be sure of the final goal. What is the final goal post doing your MS? Job, of course, and a fat pay cheque.…

Going to the U.S.

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Why U.S.? Quite often I have been asked why do I not encourage students to go to any other country – other than the USA for MS. (For PhD, I…

Vocabulary Made Easy

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As a student I used to hate biology. I used to hate it for I was not blessed with good memory and I used to come across terms which sounded…
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