6 HR Interview Questions You Don't Have to Answer Ever (Here's Why!)

6 HR Interview Questions You Don't Have to Answer Ever Recruiters and hiring managers want you to be dead honest. They ask a handful few smart questions to read beyond…

Your Cheat Sheet to Excel in a Group Discussion Round in 2017

Campus Placements - Group Discussion What is a Group Discussion round? The first thing that comes to your mind is – “In this round, I can showcase my knowledge on…

In Love With My Interview

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Are the interviewers cool? Are they Friendly? Are they Welcoming? The answers for all the questions are “unfortunately” a big YES. And hence, you are in danger!

Can I get Emotional in an Interview?

Displaying emotions is often seen as a sign of weakness. But, the truth is that we all are driven by emotions. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren…

How to overcome tension during an Interview?

Sweaty palms; unusual heart beat; fidgeting constantly; wavering tone; uncomfortable sitting posture; lump in the throat; trembling hands, and simper on your face. Come on! We are not talking about…

Tell me about yourself

There are several definitions ready to pop up in one's mind when one is asked to define an interview. And the most accepted definition is this: The art of selling…

Never miss these three things in your campus interview!

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There are several factors that influence the outcome of your interview. Amongst them, the most important aspect is the kind of MIND-SET that you carry into the interview. Have this…
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