Argument Analysis in GRE Analytical Writing

Argument analysis is the evaluation of the logic in the context. It is to validate if the events stated in the context lead to the conclusion in the context. If there are logical fallacies, then the maintainability of the conclusion might be questioned. Do understand that there is nothing final and absolute in argument analysis. At the end, the events in the context and the conclusion might be tenable! Hence, it is imperative to note that argument analysis is considering possibilities - the might be this or might not be this kind of logic.

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ACT Test

Introduction to ACT Test:

The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. The ACT is the college admissions test administered by the American College Testing Program. All of the Ivy League colleges accept ACT scores. Students receive separate scores for each subject, as well as a composite score. Each score is on a scale from 1 to 36, with 36 being the best possible score. The ACT is "subject based" instead of "skills based." The ACT test assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.

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TOEFL: Writing Section

Evaluation parameters will include development and organisation of your essay, grammar, accuracy of vocabulary, coherence of your response and your ability to integrate ideas from different sources in the Integrated Writing Task

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TOEFL: Speaking Section

The speaking section of TOEFL is about 20 minutes long and measures your ability to communicate in English on a variety of topics. There are six tasks in this section and they are of two different types – independent and integrated. Each of the questions is scored on a scale of 0-4

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TOEFL: ListeningSection

The Listening module of the TOEFL tests your ability to listen for basic interpersonal, instructional and academic purposes. All questions are of multiple-choice variety and you need to choose the best answer by filling in the space provided

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