TCS Ninja Tech Interview and HR Interview

Over the past few months, the only name that was chanted by all tech students was TCS Ninja. Now that it has been over, let's have a look at the student experiences from the interviews of TCS Ninja. The past week just flew by for students who were attending the interviews.

In the interview, we see a pattern of variation in the questions that were asked. In the technical aspects, more scrutiny was done on the knowledge over language, project and latest technologies. People from other than CSC and IT backgrounds were asked the similar questions as the people from those backgrounds. Questions on Industrial Training, data structures, and different programs were asked.

When we look at the pattern, the interview was said to be moderately difficult. The interviewers mostly concentrated on the communication and analytical skills of the student than technical knowledge as it was already been tested in the written test. Personal details were also asked during the technical interview. As both the interviews are scheduled on the same day, students have not faced many issues with that. The technical interview was taken around 20 to 30 minutes whereas the HR interview was a much shorter one which was done in just10 to 15 minutes. It is seen that 'why do you want to join TCS?' is the most frequent question that has been asked in the HR round.

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TCS Ninja Technical Interview:

The interview started with an introduction about oneself and the background in graduation. Later they were asked several questions related to the subjects. As long as you are well prepared with the subject matters and appear confident, the interview is pretty moderate. During the technical interview, remember that you are expected to have a thorough knowledge of your project. It is given most importance in this round. The most frequent questions asked about coding and programming languages are: 

  • what is the function?
  • what are pointers and array?
  • what is the difference between stack and queue?
  • What is a circular linked list?
  • What is the difference between the array and linked list?
  • Write a program of inserting and deleting a node in a linked list?
  • swapping of two numbers without a third variable.
  • prime number program. 
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TCS Ninja HR Interview:

During the HR interview, generic questions from choosing TCS to hobbies are asked. An HR interview comparatively is less serious and concentrates more on personality. They test your flexibility in work and how good of a team player you are. Also, terms and conditions of the company are sometimes explained here in the HR interview. Some common questions that can be asked are: 

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you believe in teamwork?
  • How to handle a situation when you have to work alone if your team members are on holiday and the order has to delivered next day?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Are you comfortable with night shifts?

Students from other backgrounds were also questioned on their core subjects to check the extent to which their knowledge goes. Every domain is touched by the interviewers. Another important factor is what you mention in your resume. Always remember that you are your resume and beyond. Make sure you answer all the questions that are asked about your resume. Also, it is a good idea to mention things beyond your resume, but don't make it too much information.  A string of non-answers from anything in the CV will definitely not land that job. Make sure you know whatever you’ve put in your CV. Knowing more is a bonus but knowing less is not healthy for that prospective offer letter.


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This year, TCS has made some major changes to its recruitment process. They now hire for different roles (with different packages)  through different processes - Digital & Ninja are the most prominent ones. As a part of the TCS Ninja Recruitment process, TCS has done away with college-wise assessment and has moved to NQT (National Qualifier Test) - a national level Common Entrance Test.

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