Wipro Turbo Coding Questions

Wipro is a market leading Information Technology, consulting and business process services company. It is also one of the top recruiters. Wipro has started it's Turbo recruitments for the year 2018 from this month. Wondering how the recruitment process goes? Want to know the sample questions that will be asked in Wipro turbo? Then go on and read this blog to find out the sample coding questions for Wipro Turbo. 

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Wipro Coding Questions for Freshers 2018 and 2019

1. Write a C program to convert a decimal number to binary and print the count of 1's in it. If 1's are not present in binary number then print invalid input.

Input Format:


Output Format:

The number of 1's in the binary number of the given integer.

Sample Input:


Sample Output:


Sample Question  Answer 
Solution Code 


int main()


nt n,bin=0,rem,f=1,count=0;



















    return 0;

Solution Explanation 
  • First take input and convert given number into binary number.

scanf("%d",&n); //scanning the decimal number...

Count the number of ones in the binary number. 





       rem=n%2; // changing to binary number




           count++; //counting number of 1's in the binary number.










Print the count.


 printf("%d",count); // printing number of 1's


              printf("invalid"); // if number of 1's in 0 then print



2. Write a C program to print the sum of digits of the given number.

Input Format:


Output Format:

Sum of the digit

Sample Input:


Sample Output:


3. Write a C program to find factors of a positive integer.

Input Format:

Positive integer

Output Format:

Factors separated by space

Sample Input:


Sample Output:

1 2 3 4 5 6 10 12

Sample Input:


Sample Output:

1 2 3 4 5 6 10 12

If you want to practice more such programming tasks and find the solution of the above-mentioned questions then check out Conduira Online's Programming Hub that contains 200+ similar programming tasks with a varying level of difficulty. 

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Wipro Logical Reasoning Placement Test Questions

Wipro written exam consists of four sections - Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Technical Aptitude and one descriptive section where you will be asked to write an essay on a given situation. A candidate is tested not only on her general aptitude skills but also on her programming/ coding abilities and communication skills. In this article, we are concerned about Logical reasoning section and the various question types this section covers.

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Wipro Verbal Ability Questions

Is Wipro visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to prepare for wipro written test? Read on to practice wipro verbal ability sample questions and ready yourself for the placement challenge. 

The wipro test pattern consists of logical reasoning, verbal section and quantitative aptitude along with coding. Verbal Ability Questions consist of Reading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms, phrase replacement, analogies, odd man out and grammar based questions. For complete test pattern of wipro, click here Wipro Company Recruitment Pattern 

The test pattern for Wipro Turbo on-campus recruitment's is same as any other recruitment. It has three rounds in the whole recruitment procedure, Written Test, Technical Round, and HR round. The pattern and syllabus for each round are given below.

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Wipro Verbal Ability Sample Questions

1. Which of the following is the right form of indirect speech of the sentence given below?

Sumit said, " They have been on medication since morning."

a) Sumit said that they have been on medication since morning.

b) Sumit said that they are on medication since morning.

c) Sumit said that they had been on medication since morning.

d) Sumit said that he has been on medication since morning.

Answer/ Explanation: a) Sumit said that they have been on medication since morning.

Present perfect continous tense is changed into past perfect continous tense in indirect speech.

2. The sledge dogs were floundering through the deep snow. The meaning of the underlined word is?

a) jumping happily

b) struggling

c) enjoying themselves

d) having fun time

Answer/ Explanation: b) struggling

3. To cross a bridge when you come to it means .......

a) To pay even when something is expensive

b) To work late into the night

c) To do something badly to save the money

d) To deal with a problem when it becomes necessary to

Answer/ Explanation: To cross a bridge when you come to it is to deal with a problem when it becomes necessary to and not before it.

4. What do we call a person who eats so much and is always hungry?

a) Glutton 

b) Luncheon

c) Reticent

d) Gannet

Answer/ Explanation: d) Gannet

Gannet and Glutton are used differently in the following way.

A glutton is a person who eats much more than what is needed whereas gannet is a person who eats a lot and is still always hungry.

Reticent is a person who speaks very less.

Luncheon is a formal lunch.

5. If all the letters of MNADOR are rearranged to make a meaningful word, what is the new order of letters in it?

a) 652341

b) 432156

c) 632451

d) 123456

Answer/ Explanation: c) 632451

The letters of the word MNADOR can be rearranged to form . Hence, the right option is c.

6. Which of the following is the right form of passive voice of the given statement?

I will clean the house everyday starting from Monday.

a) The house will be cleaned by me everyday starting from Monday.

b) I will be cleaning the house everyday starting from Monday.

c) The house would be cleaned by me everyday starting from Monday.

d) Starting from Monday, the house was cleaned by me everyday.

Answer/ Explanation: a) The house will be cleaned by me everyday starting from Monday.

While changing a sentence from active to passive voice, the tense of a sentence has to remain the same. Subject becomes the object and object becomes the subject. Hence, the sentence in passive voice would be 'The house will be cleaned by me everyday starting from Monday.'

Instructions for questions 7-11

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Source: qrius.com

Measuring a star’s emission spectrum to determine its composition, is no longer as cumbersome as it used to be. In an extraordinary feat, the Global Archaeology Survey, also known as GALAH, has recorded the composition of 342,000 stars over 1,000 hours, in order to study the origin of our brightest star.

With the help of the new HERMES spectrograph attached to the Anglo-Australian Telescope, the GALAH aims to detect “original star clusters in the galaxy, including the Sun’s birth cluster and solar siblings,” said Dr Gayandhi De Silva of the University of Sydney.

Speaking to IFLScience, he also said the recent sample includes a third of the total stellar-database, estimated to measure a million of the brightest stars. The emission data on over 340,000 stars—mostly above the Southern Hemisphere—will certainly provide a great head start to astronomers, but the quest for the sun’s siblings will have to wait until a northern hemisphere telescope joins the search.

“No other survey has been able to measure as many elements for as many stars as GALAH,” said De Silva, after announcing the release of the first batch of data yesterday, followed by eleven papers in the journals Astronomy & Astrophysics and the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Out of the trillions of stars in our galaxy, there are many that were born alongside the sun, from the same matter, elements and energy. Stars are formed not in isolation but in clusters, and these clusters don’t remain spatially or compositionally intact over the course of their life—they are often pulled apart by gravitational dynamics.

In such cases, the only way to discover the sun’s siblings would be by studying their composition. Stars born from the same gas cloud have a similar chemical composition, since the star formation process turbulently mixes gasses within the cloud. In other words, scientists may be able to find clues pointing to a very close pattern of star formation between different stars, which lead them to discovering the sun’s stellar siblings.

At the moment, we know very little about our sun’s past and even less about how it may evolve in the future. However, in order to determine the longevity, and subsequent trajectory of our ageing sun, it is imperative to locate the origin and motion of stellar and solar siblings. So the next time you scan a starry sky on a clear night, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if one of them is just another sun.

7. Measuring a star’s emission spectrum to determine its composition, is no longer as cumbersome. Choose the option similar in meaning to the underlined word.

a) easy

b) comfortable to work with

c) Complicated

d) easily applicable

Answer/ Explanation: c) Complicated

Cumbersome means complicated/ inefficient. Also, it has been used in a negative sense; all the other options have a positive meaning making it easy to decide on the answer.

8. According to the passage, why is it important to locate the origin and movement of solar sibilings?

a) to understand the longevity of sun

b) to understand the further trajectory

c) Both a and b

d) to understand the emission spectrum

Answer/ Explanation: According to last paragraph of the passage, 'However, in order to determine the longevity, and subsequent trajectory of our ageing sun, it is imperative to locate the origin and motion of stellar and solar siblings', it is both longevity and subsequent trajectory. Therefore, option c.

9. Which of the following would the author most agree with?

a) Sun's siblings have a composition different from that of Sun.

b) Northern hemisphere telescope has already joined the search

c) Stars which are formed in isolation remain spatially intact

d) None of the above

Answer/ Explanation: d) None of the above.

Options a, b and c have been mentioned in the passage.

10. Choose the antonym of the word 'turbulent'

a) disorder

b) calm

c) confusion

d) easy

Answer/ Explanation: b) calm

Anything which is characterized by conflict, disoredr or confusion is said to be turbulent. Hence, calm would be the antonym.

11. Three fourths of the house ...... in ruins.

a) were

b) are 

c) have been

d) is

Answer/ Explanation: d) is

Three-fourths of the house is considered singular and hence takes is.

12. Select the word or phrase which best expresses meaning of the given word.


a) belief in the creator

b) monastic

c) living under religious ways

d) Showing a lack of respect for god.

Answer/ Explanation: d) showing a lack of respect for god

This question can be answered through an odd man out approach even if one does not know the meaning of impious.

Options a, b and c hint at religion/ belief in god whereas d soes not.

Monastic is a word related to monks living under religious vows.

13. The train went ......... the tunnel.

a) in 

b) on

c) through

d) above

Answer/ Explanation: through

Through is the preposition that would fit best in the given sentence.

14. I came to know that viswanath Anand ............ (win) in the national chess chamionship for the past 7 years. Use the right form of the verb in the given blank.

a) has won

b) has been winning

c) won

d) had won

Answer/ Explanation: b) has been winning

'For' followed by a period of time always takes a perfect continous tense.

15. Choose the improved version of statement below without changing the meaning of the sentence.

We like all women to be equally paid as men in our country.

a) We like that all women are equally to be paid in our country.

b) We would like to pay men and women equal in our country.

c) We will pay equal to men and women in our country.

d) We like all women and men to be equally paid in our country.

Answer/ Explanation: d) We like all women and men to be equally paid in our country.

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