To all my CAT 2016 Students, who are, one month close to the test – wondering, should they carry on, or focus on CAT 2017! A short story from my side…

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Be it an interview, a group discussion, or a general talk, these are some of the best ways to open your talk. 

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Life is not always about being first.

As I have the wont of saying – we may not be the first to reach the moon, but if someone has done in the past – there is a hope for us.

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How do you feel when someone compares you to James Bond?  And how do you feel when someone compares you to an utterly despicable person?  We all, in one sense, hate comparison. No, we abhor it! Yet, in other sense, we love it. Comparison can make you feel both better and bitter. When you compare a girl to Aishwarya Rai (be it literal; sarcastic; or figurative), aren't you denying the very existence of that girl.  

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During a recent chat, my college buddy has made a profound statement about entrepreneurship, summarizing his 5 years experience in entrepreneurship. The statement he made was “During initial days of a startup- The Passion and the Excitement of being on your own drives your Fight. But as you mature in entrepreneurship, you realize that Liquidity and Survival of your Business become the paramount driving factors and hence you start Fighting for Money. If you are not making enough to help your business, you will start becoming desperate for money for the day and stop creating value for future- a reason behind the failure of most Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is exciting, is passionate and is Super-heroish when you make money out of it; else it’s a never-ending fight to stay Alive.”

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