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Understanding student

The platform leverages 15+ years of our experience in understanding students goals and objectives to deliver the right content.


Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We use the right set of tools for students with AI and ML to make every day learning enjoyable and effective at the same time.


Leveraging Gamification

ConduiraOnline’s platform is full of surprises with the Real-life Rewards, Learning Points, Crowns, Badges and Live Leaderboards.

Student Chooses
a Goal

Students choose a goal according to their aspirations. Our system recommends a set of best courses to help students reach their Goal.

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Action Plan

We provide Action
Plan for the Goal

An Action Plan gives a sequence of goals to help the student progress towards his/her larger objective in a structured fashion.

Action plan consists of multiple units

The action plan consists of units that contribute to students objectives. They further contain small goals that focus on a topic.

Crowns on completion of units

Crowns are rewarding points that a student get on achieving the goals. These are awarded based on students performance on the platform.

Daily Tasks are

A Task is Conduira’s way of recommending the Student to take action. Completing these Recommended Tasks would allow the student to make progress against his/her goals.

Learning points

Learning points are the ConduiraOnline’s version of experience points that are mainly effort-based and awarded for completion of the tasks.


The ConduriaOnline’s live leaderboards provide information to compare oneself with their peers’ basis multiple factors and awards.


Task Completion

Completion of tasks
by students

Once the tasks are assigned to the student daily, the student has one single objective - To complete all the tasks recommended for the day.

Daily progress rings

Tasks and Learning Points are a fun way to keep track of the progress daily. A student can complete the rings by doing the Daily tasks.

Daily LP Counter

Daily LP counter on the platform challenges a student to complete tasks to meet the Daily LP. It makes sure that learning is effective.

Student is prepared
to achieve the goal

As the student completes the Daily Tasks regularly, he/she will get closure to achieve the goal.

Once the course has been completed, the student will be in a better position to achieve the goal.

Our platform makes this entire learning cycle memorable and enjoyable.

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Our Numbers Speak
About Our Platform

Our Platform

90+ Mins/Day

Average Time Spent on the platform by a user


6+ Tasks/Day

Average Number of Tasks Completed by a user



80% Active users

Complete Daily Task Lists Everyday


30% Users Rewarded

With Real-life rewards for reaching milestones



50%+ DAU/WAU

It indicates our quality of engagement



Average Number of Daily Active Users



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